A well-written blog influences potential customers and drives quality traffic to your website. It can position your business or brand as a thought leader and highlight your expertise, while a poorly written blog can quickly push away potential clients, especially if the articles are filled with grammatical errors or framed in the wrong voice. A blog that influences readers must be consistent and speak the same language of your audience. The writing must highlight your expertise and subtly sell.

Many content marketing agencies are not experts in messaging or communication. Many of the biggest content marketing firms started first as an SEO company and transitioned into writing after content marketing took off. As a result, their content focuses on a minimum word count rather than formulating a message that educates consumers and brands about your business.

Our specialty is messaging. Always On Content started as a communications agency first. Our expertise has always been on generating creative, original content that focuses on quality first and positions the client as an expert in their field. We write all blogs under the name of the firm (or person), so your business gets the credit. Here are a few examples of the blogs our team has written for ourselves.

Examples of our Work