4 Content Marketing Questions to Ask

By Luis Gómez

There’s a big difference between having a good content marketing approach and having one that actually works for your business. Here are four questions to ask to make sure that your content marketing is actually working for you.

1 – Is my content connecting?

Connecting is the primary job of basically any content. If it can’t connect, then it can’t spread across the internet, or deliver its message, or do any of the things that content is supposed to do.

2 – Is my content offering value?

There is a lot of stuff out there. Distinguishing yourself from the pack is a necessary element of getting your content through to its intended audience, and the best way to do that is to offer some sort of value to those who end up using your content. If your content isn’t valuable, then how are consumers supposed to connect to it? How are they to distinguish your content from the rest?

3 – Is my content measurable?

Okay, so your content is connecting and valuable, great. But how is it connecting? At what times? Is a specific headline format better or worse than another? Would a font change resonate with users? Maybe you want to run some A/B testing on your layout – how can you see the results? Your content needs to come equipped with the tools to answer these questions, because if it can’t do that, then you’re missing out on a lot of growth opportunities, optimization, and positive outcomes. Without any meaningful way to actually dig into the content you create, you might as well be running a LiveJournal account. No, I’m not kidding.

4 – Is my content inspiring action?

The biggest question of them all – is your content gaining results? If your content can grab people, and provide actionable feedback for them and for you, but nobody’s taking action, then something is fundamentally broken. Maybe your initial message isn’t getting through, or needs to be reworked. Maybe customers aren’t interested in what you’re offering, but they will be in a month. The action generated by your content is the reason for the content to exist in the first place.

Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. As you’re working through that marathon, you need to constantly check back and make sure that your content is doing what it’s supposed to. If you can get all that accomplished, you might just have a winning formula on your hands.