What can I learn from Content Marketing by Big Brands

By: Rutger Ochsendorf

Successful Content Marketers are always looking for unique ways to create content that represents the vision of their brand. To say you want to stand out from the herd is one thing; to actually do it is very difficult. Lets take a look at what Content Marketers from Big Brands did and let their innovating idea’s inspire you for your own brand.

Coca-Cola– Share a coke

Last year Coca-Cola introduced the Share-a-Coke campaign and it was a “walk-off” home run. Everyone saw it on TV and in the stores. So what did Coca-Cola do? They printed individual names on cans and bottles. Coca-Cola made consumers feel special and unique. They basically made them micro-influencers. Everyone was eager to find a Coke with their name or their friends name on it and post a picture of the product on Instagram or Facebook. Consumers identified themselves with Coca-Cola, because they created a personalized experience that was sharable.

Starbucks – White Cup Contest

Starbucks encouraged their consumers to design a Starbucks cup with their own artistic touch. To compete in this contest all you had to do was post a picture of your design on Social Media using the hash tag #WhiteCupContest. In three weeks Starbucks received over 4.000 designs and all through Social Media for the world to see. The winning design was printed on a limited edition Starbucks cup. What Starbucks did was give fans a chance to express their love and creativity for the brand.

Apple – Shot With an iPhone 7

Apple asked a group of photographers from all around the world to test their new iPhone 7 Plus and show what the updated camera can do. They gave these photographers the challenge to capture what the world has to offer. From Ice Caves in Iceland to Nightlife in Shanghai. They showed the results on big billboards along the highway. Apple found a way to showcase the iPhone’s stellar new features without making it look as a typical advertisement. They showed consumers that you don’t need a ten thousand dollar camera for the perfect picture.  Now Instagram is full of pictures with the hashtag #ShotOnIphone7.