Fixing your Online Reputation

by Luis Gómez

Now more than ever, your online reputation matters.

A Brightlocal consumer survey found that 88 percent of consumers used online reviews to assess the quality of a local business.

Negative reviews on websites like Yelp can destroy your business, since these customer review sites are a central hub for reviews and opinions. If your reviews dip on two or three big sites, that can spell disaster for your customer base in a matter of hours. What’s more, a negative news story or angsty critic review can do just as much damage. You need to manage your online reputation carefully, or your business might end up sinking.

The question is, how do you deal with a negative news story, or a wash of critical Yelp reviews?

Always On Content has helped change the narrative online for companies in need of damage control. Press releases and news editorials can build your credibility and change the direction of the story. Our syndication approach can also ensure that the negative review or page falls lower with the search engines.

Our video below explains more ways we can fix your online reputation.