Rules for Effective Blogging for your Business

By Erin Szczepaniak

If you think blogging is relegated to the world traveler, foodie or beauty expert, you are missing out on a key business opportunity. Your business can get attention, grow your customer base and be positioned as the expert in your industry with a successful blog, but where do you start?

Your blog should be long

One of the primary benefits of blogging is positioning your business as the expert in your sector. You can gain the trust of consumers if in their search for information you give them everything they are looking for.

In this way, blogs can help you gain the respect of consumers. This respect will make them much more likely to try your products than if you employed a hard sell by simply telling them that your company is the best.

You can only gain credibility and respect if your blogs are long enough to show that you are indeed the expert. You need a lot of information, because this exclusive information is the entire reason for your blog’s existence. If you don’t have a lot to say, you have lost your expertise and will blend into the millions of blogs depicting Joe’s first time traveling through Europe.

You should blog regularly

Building a space that people come to for information means the information must be relevant. If you are stagnant in your blogging you are irrelevant. If you are inconsistent in your blogging you are unreliable. You are trying to build a network of people that go to you for information, which will only happen if you are constantly feeding them new information. By doing so, consumers will instinctively believe that you are not only current, but hopefully ahead of the curve. Thus they are much more likely to become your customers.

You should incorporate images

Your content is king, but it is very hard to grab attention if consumers have not heard of your company. Pictures are a way to peak interest, but the photos must add to your content in a meaningful way. Getting photos from Google and plastering them randomly throughout your blog will break up the text, but not add to your credibility. Original photography is a great way to hold attention and connect with your audience.

You should be utilizing keywords

This is a chance for you to put yourself in the mind of the consumer. What questions do they have about your industry and the products you offer? You should already be thinking of what these questions are and your content should reflect your answers. Thus, keywords won’t be that difficult to incorporate, but being conscious of the exact words people are typing into their search engines and reiterating them (tastefully) into your writing means your blog is much more likely to be read.

If you really want to stand out… You should humanize the company

Including stories from employees, customers, the CEO and anyone positively affected by your company is the secret spice that could push your company into the consumer conversation. Everyone is a sucker for a good story and even if they don’t know anything about you or what you sell, they are more likely to read a heartfelt story than listen to an advertisement any day of the week. Humanizing your company is not essential, but the essentials aren’t what get you noticed.