Start-up Guide to Content Marketing

By Alena Joyiens

In this digital age, content marketing is a necessity for anyone starting a new company. Start ups need to make the most of content marketing to attract customers, clients, and visitors from various platforms. Here are a few rules to follow with your content marketing campaign launch.

Create More Visual Content

When you are scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, which post would catch your eye? The lengthy typed post or the post with infographics relaying the same message?

Most likely, you chose the infographic. A picture is more likely to attract people, considering people can process visual content easier than text content. Your marketing content strategy should involve producing the occasional infographic such as pictures, GIFS, memes, blog posts, etc.

Incorporate Story-Telling into your Content Strategy

Story-telling is a very important aspect of content marketing. It gives your brand personality by giving your logo. Stories have a way of creating an emotional connection between the reader and the business. For example, sharing your story behind the business, can break down the walls between you and your customers and help build relationships.

Use Videos

This cannot be stressed enough. Whether it is live streaming or posting videos on a webpage, when people connect with information through the scenes and sounds of a video, they can make a deeper and greater connection to your brand. There is no need to waste money for extravagant video productions. Sometimes creative editing with your mobile phone or using your computers camera is all it takes to engage your audience.

Build you Audience

This tip can make or break your company. You as the owner need to put yourself in your audiences’ shoes. What does your audience want to see and what do they find interesting?

It is up to you to follow where your audience is. If Facebook is the prime social media platform your audience uses, then engage them by using Facebook.

Your company is valuable, now it’s time to show the world how. Why should people care about your company? It’s your job to make your audience care. If your company has a lot to offer, use your new content marketing tips to express that.